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34 Dream-Worthy Bridal Accessories

The good news: You found The Dress. The one you’ve dreamed of, longed for. The other news: It cost more than you budgeted for (but was totally worth it.) The upshot: You’ll have to accessorize creatively—and cost efficiently. Brooke Danielson, Vogue.com’s Accessories Editor, who collected these 34 earrings, hair jewels, brooches, shoes, and bags for budget-conscious brides, advocates looking for the unexpected accessory that

“feels bridal without being quite literally so.”

Unlike a wear-once, heirloom-in-the-making wedding gown, any of these special, sparkly accessories—from J.Crew’s confetti sandal to Vince Camuto’s pearly clutch—can easily find a place in your wardrobe long after the honeymoon is over.

Casual Men Style

100 years of fashion in less than two minutes-it?s possible! Tune in as we revisit some of the biggest trends of all time. From jazz age sass, to Coco Chanel-inspired chic, to the psychadelic 70s, this is one history lesson you don’t want to miss!

How Zendaya Supercharges Her Makeup in One Easy Step

Let’s face it — the holidays can be just plain hectic, and some gifts may fall through the cracks until the very last minute. Christmas is still weeks away, but it’s all too easy to procrastinate. We’ve rounded up some fast and easy DIY gift ideas that can be ready in no time — no glitter or glue drying required!

Stamen (fashion film)

This season, a wide diversity of fashion films provided evidence that the genre has matured.

LONDON, United Kingdom

This season, we saw a wide diversity of fashion films — from a gorgeously animated “Sky Watcher”

ffilm1from Trussardi to the quirky charm of i-D’s “A-Z of the World’s Top Supermodels”—

evidence that the genre has matured well past its roots in moving fashion editorial and simple behind-the-scenes clips.

But in the end, as in seasons past, humour drove the best results. In our top pick, “Cover Girl,” an American Vogue short introducing the magazine’s February cover, international editor at-large Hamish Bowles instructs writer and actress Lena Dunham on how to pose. With a little help from models past and present, Dunham and Bowles snappily re-enact some of the magazine’s greatest cover poses in what becomes a hilarious dance. The film has been shared over 14,800 times on Facebook and generated such buzz that Vogue released a second video teaching viewers how to do the dance themselves. Apparently, fans also performed the dance for Bowles outside of the fashion shows this season.

Now, without further ado, sit back and enjoy BoF’s Top 10 Fashion Films of the Season. And don’t forget to let us know what you think in the comments below.

Capturing Pat McGrath’s Late-Night

Shot live at Orly Ouest airport, Terminal 3, in november 2015

A film by Colin Solal Cardo
Réalisation Son : François Clos et Etienne Pozzo.
Avec Victoire Du Bois
Collaboration mise en scène – (LA)HORDE
Directeur de la photographie : Kanamé Onoyama
Produit par Chryde et Matthieu Buchsenschutz

Musiciens :
Nicolas Godin – Basse
Vincent Taurelle – Piano et claviers
Ludovic Bruni – Guitare
Vincent Taeger – Batterie

Équipe technique Nicolas Godin :
Madje Malki – Ingénieur du son
Louis Arlette et Cédric Plancy – Techniciens
Pierre-Alexandre Marie – Régisseur

Opérateur Steadicam – Guillaume Quilichini
Assistant Cam – Arthur Hennequet
Electricien – Laure Boyer

Prise de son : FX Delaby, Etienne Pozzo, Francois Clos,
Mixage , mastering : Etienne Pozzo, Francois Clos,
Montage Son : Marion Papinot
Doublure son : Ondine Benetier

Etalonnage : Muriel Archambaud
Post Production : Royal Post

Maquillage / Coiffure – Anja Slind Flatval
Remerciements stylisme : Hassan / La Petite Fripe
Mlle Du Bois porte des lunettes W/SÜN

Projet et Coordination – Marion Delemazure (Vif) avec Ondine Benetier
Directeur de production : Samuel Bilboulian & Anousonne Savanchomkeo
Régisseur : Jean-Baptiste Arbouch
Chargé de Post-Production : Mateo Lahais
Administrateur : Jonathan André

Management Nicolas Godin :
Laurence Muller
Marc Tessier du Cros
Label : Because Music

Aéroports de Paris :
Direction de l’aéroport : Franck Mereyde
Direction de la communication : Benjamin Perret
Pôle Opinion : Elise Hermant
Pôle Marque et Design : Dounia Alno
Gestion du projet : Jérôme Landras, Claire Gozlan, Corentin Marsac

Moyens techniques :
Potar Hurlant
Studios d’enregistrement des bruitages – EFAP
Studio de mixage – Stances

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